Setting High Standards

Nothing is more important to Will Faudree and his staff than the horses that live at Gavilan Farm. Whether a proven performer competing at the top levels of eventing or a young thoroughbred going through his first paces off-the-track, the same level of care and training is given to ensure that each horse fulfills his or her individual potential.


Proven Performers & Rising Stars

The competition horses at Gavilan Farm are making headlines. Will’s current string of proven performers and rising stars are listed below:

P-Fun (Teddy)

2007 Grey ISH Gelding
Owner: Jennifer Mosing, Sterling Silver Stables

Mama’s Magic Way (Mason)

2011 Holsteiner Gelding

Owner Jennifer Mosing

Reloaded (Sniper)

2013 OTTB

Owner Michelle Chisholm.

Uncorked (Rosie) 

2020 Hanavarian Mare

Owner: Jennifer Mosing, Sterling Silver Stables


Andromaque (Missie)

2001-2017 Irish TB Mare
Owner: Jennifer Mosing, Sterling Silver Stables

It is from a broken heart that we say we had to say good bye to Andromaque today, our perfect Missie.
After falling in her field and injuring her hip in early October, the toughest mare I’ve ever met, couldn’t fight off the complications that followed and ended in colic. With everything she did in her life, she did with all she had. A true soldier. I was once asked if I had to compare her to a movie star who would it be, and without hesitation she was Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep, The Devil Wears Prada). Incredibly stylish, all business and you never crossed her. She was an amazing horse to compete and I will never forget the honor of leaving the start box. Her cross country rounds were all business, her dressage was matter-of-fact and her show jumping was all effort. When her competitive career ended she embraced motherhood with the same focus and Tenacity.
Jennifer and I together cannot thank all the people who fought for Missie throughout her life. The fantastic vets and farrier–Tom Daniel, Meghann Lustgarten, Bri Gindlesperger and the entire team at NC State, Jay Mickle and many more that were always there for her. Her wonderful care takers Nat Varcoe-Cocks, Christina Curiale, and Suzanne Konefal for keeping her in top form. And my coaches, Bobby Costello, Phillip Dutton, Mark Phillips, David O’Connor, Sandy Phillips and John Zopatti–Thank you.
Missie – thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts…
Sweet Dreams Princess, I will always love you.

Pawlow (Ernie)

1999 Bay Polish TB Gelding
Owner: Jennifer Mosing, Sterling Silver Stables

A quirky 1999 Polish thoroughbred gelding owned by Jennifer Mosing, Ernie came up through the ranks of eventing to the 4 star level under Will’s gentle tutelage. Nicknamed “Mr. Perfect,” Ernie was one of Will’s top international competition horses with impressive placings both at home and abroad. Ernie was short-listed for the 2010 World Equestrian Games, the 2012 London Olympic Games, and was listed with US training squad.

Antigua (Brad)

One in a Million

Antigua is a once-in-a-lifetime horse. The 1989 Australian thoroughbred gelding, better known as Brad, was Will’s eventing partner since 2001 until he retired in 2009. Although he is the oldest horse at Gavilan Farm, he is still considered the most energetic and by far the most accomplished. As a member of Team USA, he won Team Gold at the Pan American Games and placed 4th with the Team at the World Equestrian Games. In his career at the highest levels of the sport—including events at Rolex, Badminton, and Burghley—Brad never had a cross-country jump penalty. Now that’s one in a million!

Will’s Speech at Brad’s Retirement Ceremony

March 22, 2009

I know if I let Brad, he would be the one up here. After all, it is his party and like most of his big occasions, I am just along for the ride!

It all started 8 years ago when I was at Phillip and Evie Dutton’s house. Phillip and I were on the phone with my parents talking about getting this horse called Antigua from Australia. My mom asked the obvious question of “would I be able to ride him?” and Phillip gave the obvious answer of “a monkey could so I had half a shot.” The same applies tonight, providing the monkey has a tux and a lisp.

There are so many people that are here that have been a part of Brad’s career and I know how thankful Brad is. I want to thank Joanie Morris and Doretta Gaudreau who were there for him day in and day out at different times of his career—helping to make his stars reachable. His vets—Dr.’s Tom Daniels, Kevin Keane, Christianna Ober, and Brendon Furlong; his farriers—Dave Kumpf, Greg Davis, and Steve Teichman. Colby Saddington for teaching me what I know about horse management and going with me to try him (and me telling everyone on the flight that we were going on out honeymoon, so we could get up-graded to Business class). Didn’t work. That was when I really irritated her.

Coaches—so many people that helped me with Brad over the years that I cannot begin to name you all. Phillip Dutton, thank you for your belief in Brad and me and your time that helped develop our partnership. Bobby Costello, when I ventured out from the constant direction of Phillip you gave me the knowledge of believing in myself as a rider and as a person—thank you. Captain Mark Phillips, who is not here, but in my last lesson on Brad with him we were at The Fork the day before the mandatory outing this past summer and I had set up what I wanted to jump. He and Sandy came over and I jumped what I felt Brad needed (not much) and Mark leaned against a standard and said “What an amazing athlete.” Those 4 words summed it up.

Which brings me to the Guiding force behind Brad’s career. MY FAMILY! My Mom and Dad who have never questioned what Brad was doing or where Brad was going and were always there with no expectations. Y’all have given so much to us always putting Kristen, Keegan and I first in all that we wanted to do, never doubting our dreams and sacrificing so much to help us achieve our dreams—from baseball to Africa to Aachen. No words can justify your support.

And lastly I want to thank Brad. I think that the biggest thing Brad has taught me is that when a true champion gets to the end of the road they find another gear and carry on no matter what. With that said, what I have learned recently is that a true champion also knows when to bow out, leaving a mark that few will ever forget. Whether it is lighting up a room with an infectious smile or simply leaving the start box—here’s to Brad!

© Photos by Shannon Brinkman Photography